He loves his new home! Thank you! He is perfect!

-Hailey Norwood

More than just a best friend!


Thanks for such an awesome boy.

-Lauren Lugg

I got my Shar-pei Asia from you Vicky and I have to say she is the best thing that has ever happened to me and it wouldn’t have happened without you. I am forever grateful.

-Asia Jayde

My kiddos absolutely are in love with her! And shes not had 1 single potty accident, I didnt even crate her last night. She slept on the couch with me, lol. Thank you so much for this sweet girl Vicky!

-Amber Bogart

When our family lost our first Sharpei due to an unfortunate oversight by our housesitter while we were away - Vicky generously helped us by uniting us with this happy girl "Keawe".Thank you for the good things you do for the families you do them for.

-Aloha-Kapona López

Love our babies!

-Deanna ONeil

We love our Chloe

-Angel Ki Kolb

My BEAUTIFUL PERFECTLY HEALTHY 2 year old Shar Pei Deja she is just a doll. I will definitely be getting another dog from Vicky Wheeler!

Sommer Ireland

Our little PERFECT PEI! No one better than Vicky Wheeler!!

-Leslie Sendek

My parents two sharpeis are amazing and my Dougie is my whole world. Here we are today, he is the happiest and best boy! You are an amazing breeder that brought so much happiness into my life 😀

-Gina Kiger

Our Ford is happy and healthy. Almost a year old now!

-Ben Perkins

So we’ve been home since about 2 and Gibby (renamed Lexi) has been doing awesome except she wants to get the cats. But we’ll work on that one haha. We noticed she loves to follow us around and be right where we are, especially to go outside and follow us around in the yard. She hasn’t really taken to toys yet, but she has plenty when she does decide to. On the ride home she laid down next to me in the back seat. We can tell already we got the perfect dog for our family!! Thank you so much for working with us to add Lexi to our family!! 5-10 years down the line when we decide to own a house we will definitely come back to you for another puppy.

-Erlinstar Gray

Thanks for our amazing boy.

-Pam Swindell

Awesome person and Shar-Pei breeder; I have one of her pups the white one is awesome!

-Brian Carrasco

We bought our Anam Cara from you several years back and I'd like to Thank You from the bottom of my heart!! She has come to be quite the family member! She idolizes both my husband and I and she provides us with 24 hour love, companionship and entertainment. Her health has been spotless, only ever to vet's for shots.... her eyes never required any intervention.... and the relationship she has with my husband is awesome. Thank you so very much for our Cara!!! I'm so thankful for the referral I received for your kennel........ thank you!!!

-Leslie Sendek

I’m so happy I have tears flowing. Thanks.

-Chris Roes

Thanks so much! He will be SO LOVED! He’s amazing! Again, we can’t thank you guys enough!


Thanks for my wonderful new addition to our family.

-Kenzie Wade

This is long overdue, but wanted to let you know about our Willow, a red corgi we picked up from you ladies in May of 2018. She has brought so much joy and laughter into our home. We have infinite love for our smart, sassy, energetic, and cuddly thick girl. We like to compare her to other corgis we see here and there on TV or online. However, we think she is the prettiest red out there! So, thank you. She has been, by far, the greatest gift we have gifted our family. ​


My name is Alondra and back in October 2018 we got our Piper from your kennel. You named her Piper and we kept the name as I like the name, too. I’ve been meaning to update you since then but time is much quicker than I am :-) Just wanted to give our thanks for our girl. She’s a handful at times - a true corgi as I am learning from what I hear from others! But when she smiles it definitely brings a smile to our face as well! We love her so much and can’t thank you enough for bring her into our lives.


Macy says goodnight. She is just too sweet. Yes she is spoiled rotten.

-Anita Johnson

we are so blessed with our brood of Oakhill Kennel babies!!

-Kelly Little

She’s such a great dog. We love her!

-Jennifer Hendricks

Here is my favorite photo of Winston: doing his Churchill impression. Love him!!!

-Alissa Weeks

Spoiled happy healthy baby here! When I didn’t have a shar Pei from you before you still helped me when I asked you about my other Pei. You are a caring person.

-Kayla Wright

We've got two glorious boxer siblings from ya Vicky and they're wonderful! Love them and dealing with you! We are repeat customers and could not love our pups or working with you more 🥰

-Mason & Amber Barnes

We got our Momo and Azula from you. We looked at other breeders that were closer to us when we were looking for a second dog but we loved everything you did for our Momo and we could tell you really care about the dogs. So we decided you would be our forever go to breeder. Momo is 11 months old never had any health problems. Her eyes needed tacked and you had them all done before she got to us with no extra charge and sent us stuff for her eye Care for the stitches. Most people would have not offered any help they would have sold the dog and that would be it. Both dogs came potty trained at 8 weeks!!!!. In the future Devine and I will be getting our next dog from you as well ♥️

-Angela Wynn

Our sweet Capone is just perfect 🥰

-Windie Nicole

Happy customer ❤️love my Ben!!!

-Sharon Pannel

Still spoiled rotten and happy. Came straight from you to me! 💓

-Donna McArthur

Happy customer and healthy puppy here.

-Jim Sligar

Here’s my girl I got from you. Absolutely perfect in every way and too smart for her own good lol. Hands down the best dog I’ve ever had!

-Iva Ringan

Vicky is an amazing breeder and has the nicest kennels and breeding set up I've ever seen. We got our female from her and we are so very grateful to have meet such an amazing breeder!

-Steven Abercrombie

These two boys are the greatest!

-Brad Feldman

Dax finally got his baby sister🎀 She has wrinkles for days and came all the way from Oklahoma💜 Rosie the mini Shar Pei 😍😍😍 #miniaturesharpei #wrinklesfordays #babysister #babypei

-Elyse and James Burke

Thank you for her. She is my love.

-Barbara Knowlden

We have a boxer from Vicky. She is such a love bug and one of best dogs we have ever had.

-Jim Ryan

As Athena approaches her 3rd birthday next month, she wanted to say hello! 💓🐶 ​


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